Avail cash from your C-I-M-B Credit Card which you can use for your auto, home renovation, medical, dental or travel expenses


Term (months) Monthly Add-On Rate Factor Rate Annual Effective Interest Rate
6 1.00% 0.176667 20.2880%
12 1.00% 0.093333 21.4572%

The availed CashOut amount will be disbursed to your nominated savings/current account*

The CashOut availment is RM3,000.

*Please refer to ethe C-I-M-B CashOut Terms & Conditions for the list of accredited banks

What is CashOut Installment Plan?
What is the minimum and maximum amount of cash that can be availed?
How can I apply for the CashOut Installment Plan?
Can my supplementary apply for a CashOut Installment?
What are the documents needed for CashOut Installment Plan?
What is C-I-M-Bs turnaround time for processing CashOut Installment Plan?
How will I know if my application is accepted?
How will I receive my cash availment?
Can I opt to pay the full amount of CashOut before the indicated term?

Type the amount you wish to avail:


Term Factor Rate Add-on Rate Per Month Monthly Amortization Gross Amount Add-on Interest
6 0.176667 1.00%
12 0.093333 1.00%

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Term Factor Rate Add-on Rate Per Month Monthly Amortization Gross Amount Add-on Interest
6 0.176667 1.00%
12 0.093333 1.30%

Read Cash Out Installment Terms and Conditions. CLICK HERE.


I warrant that all information given in this application form is true and correct. I hereby authorize C-I-M-B to verify such information and investigate from whatever sources it may consider appropriate. In case of material change in any of the foregoing information, I hereby undertake to immediately notify C-I-M-B of the same. I understand that misrepresentation under this application form and any document submitted therewith constitutes sufficient grounds for legal action against me, as well as for the denial of this application and/or the cancellation of my credit card/s, without need of prior notice. I hereby acknowledge and authorize the transfer, disclosure and communication of any information relating to my credit card/s with C-I-M-B and/or its parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, as well as its third party providers, agents, and representatives, for purposes of data processing and storage, customer satisfaction surveys, products and service offers and updates through post/email/fax/SMS/telephone, and for any other purpose C-I-M-B deems appropriate and relevant to me, and/or as may otherwise be required by laws, rules and regulations. I also hereby authorize C-I-M-B and any of its authorized representatives to conduct random verification with the Bureau of Internal Revenue to establish the authenticity of the income tax returns and financial statements that I have submitted to C-I-M-B, as well as my credit information to the credit bureau and/or as may be necessary for C-I-M-B to comply with RA. 9510 and its implementing rules and regulations. The foregoing constitutes my written continuing consent to any such submission and disclosure of information relating to my accounts for the purposes stated above and as may otherwise be required under applicable laws, rules and regulations. Accordingly, I hereby hold C-I-M-B free and harmless from any liability that may arise from or otherwise be related to any such transfer, disclosure, processing and/or storage of information relating to my accounts.

  I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the C-I-M-B Cash Out Installment Plan.