• Earn 1 Rewards Point for every RM50 spend with your C-I-M-B Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Redeem your points for airline miles, travel vouchers, electronic gift certificates and cash rebates.
  • Rewards Points do not expire.
  • Rewards Program Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE

Mabuhay Miles

Exclusive to C-I-M-B Platinum, Gold and Classic cardholders.

eGift Rewards Redemption

Terms and Conditions

Cash Rebate
Panda Travel Vouchers
Item Description Value Pure Points Required Fast Track Points Required Fast Track Amount (in RM) Item Code
Rustan's RM500 Gift Certificate RM5006,1763,706247.00SHP101
SM Gift Card RM500 RM5006,1763,706247.00SHP102
SM Gift Pass RM200 RM2003,1421,886126.00SHP103
Robinsons RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00SHP104
Mercury Drug Store RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00SHP105
McDonald's RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00DNE101
Jollibee RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00DNE102
KFC RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00DNE103
Max's RM300 Gift Certificate RM3004,1542,493167.00DNE104
Red Ribbon RM500 Gift Certificate RM5006,1763,706247.00DNE105
Shakey's RM500 Gift Certificate RM5006,1763,706247.00DNE106
Cash Rebate RM500 RM5005,00000CSH101
Cash Rebate RM100 RM1001,00000CSH102
PAL 100 Miles - Platinum 100 miles16500PAL101_plat
PAL 15 Miles additional - Platinum 15 miles2500PAL102_plat
PAL 30 Miles additional - Platinum 30 miles5000PAL103_plat
PAL 100 Miles - Gold and Classic 100 miles20000PAL104_gdcl
PAL 15 Miles additional - Gold and Classic 15 miles3000PAL105_gdcl
PAL 30 Miles additional - Gold and Classic 30 miles6000PAL106_gdcl
Redeem a Trip via BOOK-A-TRIP
Asia Travel Redeem-A-Trip (Points Portion) subject to computation00TRP_points
Asia Travel Redeem-A-Trip (Cash portion) subject to computation00TRP_cash