Effectively manage and monitor your business' payables ranging from employee salaries to supplier payments, enabling you to save time and resources.


C-I-M-B CheckMaker is a user-friendly, fully automated check-writing facility that helps you keep track of your disbursements and an automated accounts payable check printing facility that monitors of all check issuances and/or disbursements. Checks are made payable to identified creditors or payees.

  • Easy monitoring of negotiated and outstanding checks
  • Availability of reports for efficient account reconciliation
  • Allows the addition of company logo to your checks and vouchers
  • Secures check preparation through the maker and authorizer functions

Real-time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities System (RENTAS)

Real-time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities System (RENTAS) is a web-based system where a bank with a conduit arrangement is able to electronically transmit its in-clearing Check Disposition to meet the required cut-off time;

Ideal for: All Banks with an electronic banking.
  • Identifies the Account Number and Client Name for disposition function
  • Secured as system requires a two-factor authentication (Password and Security Token)
  • Provides a means to verify the client signature vs. the signature on file
  • Allows Bank to view the signature cards and check images
  • Maintaining of Banks’ accounts and issuance of checkbook can be done through the system
  • Faster and efficient way in transmitting ICC dispoasition (return or honor)


e-Gov is an electronic payment system that performs the online settlement of government premium contributions to the following agencies coursed through C-I-M-B:

  • PSS
  • MalayHealth

  • A fast and convenient electronic payment mode for government contributions
  • Generates electronic acknowledgment receipts for efficient record-keeping
  • Secure and accurate posting of employee contributions


ePayment Facility automates your disbursement and reconciliation process, thus giving you more time to focus on growing your core business.

Ideal for: Companies with voluminous disbursement requirement.

  • Web-based system which allows access anytime, anywhere
  • Option to use Manager’s Check or Transfer of Funds to C-I-M-B Account and other bank’s account via Ringgitsnet
  • Disbursement through C-I-M-B Branch
  • Payments are processed only when supplier comes to the branch to claim payment
  • Option to print voucher and Withholding Tax Certificate
  • Reports generation of checks printed and outstanding

Payroll Organizer

C-I-M-B Payroll Organizer is a fully automated payroll processing and crediting system that saves you time and money.

  • Flexible and easy to use electronic payroll preparation set up
  • Adjustable payroll cut-off for monthly, semi monthly, weekly, and daily payrolls
  • Easy and up to date monitoring of employee leave credits, allowance, deductions, including loans
  • Automatic generation of reports for convenient preparation
  • With optional time keeping and attendance monitoring system to make payroll preparation simpler

is a web-based payroll system with enhanced features to help you perform all the essential functions critical for HR.

  • Comes with the option to link the system to the company's website for recruitment purposes
  • Convenient tracking and monitoring of job applicant's status
  • Easy and up to date record and data keeping of employee data history (201 file, employee appraisal, certificate of employment, premium certificates, etc)