Pair your account with an optional HelloCRYPTO ATM Card to access your funds from ATM machines Nationwide and perform POS Payments.


The HelloCRYPTO Mastercard is a virtual card linked to your HelloCRYPTO Account and not a credit card.



What is HelloCRYPTO?

HelloCRYPTO allows users to open a CryptoCurrency Banking Account. It is a e-wallet & Bank Account by Capital Ibra Maslahat Bumiputra Bank where users can perform convenient and secure 24/7 CryptoCurrency(Bitcoin, USDT & Ethereum) banking transactions as long as they are connected to the internet.

What is a HelloCRYPTO Account?

A HelloCRYPTO Account is an e-wallet & Bank Account powered by Capital Ibra Maslahat Bumiputra Bank that users can easily access by registering through https://apply.cimaslahatbbank.com/open-account/crypto. The account needs no initial deposit or maintaining balance requirements nor does it have any dormancy fees.

What is the monthly transaction limit of a HelloCRYPTO account?

The account may hold up to 100 BTC/1500ETH or USDT3,000,000 or CASH Balance of RM50,000,000.00 at any given time. There are no Maximum cash-in transactions per month. User can set their own limits. Transaction limit shall be refreshed on the first day of the succeeding month.

How can I apply for a HelloCRYPTO Account?

To register for a HelloCRYPTO Account, You may also view this link for more information: https://apply.cimaslahatbbank.com/open-account/crypto

How will I be informed if my application is approved/rejected?

You will receive an SMS and E-mail notification indicating the status of your application within the next banking day from the date of application.

Can I use my HelloCRYPTO account with multiple devices?

As an added security feature, you may only access your account on one (1) primary registered mobile device at any time. In case of change device, simply attempt to login from the mobile device you wish to use, tap “Register Device” prompt then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

How do I login if I forgot my password?

To unlock your account, press the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. Follow the on-screen instructions to elect a new password. Once this is done, you will be able to access your account with your new password.

How many HelloCRYPTO accounts can I have?

Only one HelloCRYPTO account is allowed per person.

Can I access HelloCRYPTO account using my PC?

Currently, your HelloCRYPTO account is accessible using any devices and via ebank.CIMBONNET.com

Can I withdraw over-the-counter in any C-I-M-B branch?

Over-the-counter withdrawals are allowed for HelloCRYPTO. To cash out, you may avail of a HelloCRYPTO ATM card at any MasterCard ATM Machine (Local or International). From the platform, you can make Local/International transfer to bank account account or WesternUion or RIA or PAYPAL

What is the minimum age requirement in order to open a HelloCRYPTO Account?

Only those 18 years old and above are eligible to open a HelloCRYPTO account.

How long will my application be processed for?

Once you have successfully applied, you will receive notification on your status update within one (1) banking day.

How do I find my account number?

Kindly visit ebank.cimbonnet.com to find your account number. New Users/Customers will be sent instructions to Enroll for Ebanking

I have no middle name. What can I input?

You may input ‘-’ (dash) or ‘.’ (period) in the middle name field if you do not have a middle name.

I am a foreigner and I live outside Malaysia, am I eligible ?

Yes, Account provisions and services is available to all Countries.

How do I add funds to my account?

As of now, we have 4 available channels where users may cash-in or load to their HelloCRYPTO Account: (1) Over the counter cash deposit at any C-I-M-B Branch, (2) Instapay from other Malaysia Bank Accounts, (3) Fund transfer(Local/International), and (4) Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT

Is there any charge for making a bills payment transaction?

C-I-M-B does not charge for transaction fees. While there are some billers that charge a service fee for processing the transaction, most of our billers in HelloCRYPTO have no transaction fee.

When will my payment be credited to the biller?

Regarding payment posting, we highly suggest that you check directly with your biller. Your bills payment should be posted within 1-3 banking days.

If I do a funds transfer to the wrong account, can I have it reversed?

Once you confirm your payment, charges and transfer of funds cannot be reversed. Please ensure to check all details before proceeding with your transaction.

If I encounter a problem with my payment/funds transfer, what do I do?

Automatic reconciliation shall apply within the next banking day which excludes weekends and public holidays. If your transaction is on a Friday, the next banking day is on the coming Monday. If it happens that after such time your funds would remain uncredited, kindly email us at [email protected] with the details of your transaction:

  • Account Name:
  • Account No.:
  • Transaction Reference #:
  • Amount:
  • Date & Time of Transaction:
What if I get locked out of my account?

Send us an email to [email protected]

Can I use my HelloCRYPTO account for other loan proceeds ?

Yes, you may use your HelloCRYPTO account for the following loan proceeds and benefits:

  • Calamity
  • Salary
  • Maternity
  • Sickness
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Business Startup
  • QuickLoan

For updates and inquiries on your loan disbursement, please directly contact us.

Can I link my existing C-I-M-B ATM card to HelloCRYPTO?

You may only link the HelloCRYPTO ATM card with your account. Other C-I-M-B debit cards may also be linked to your HelloCRYPTO account.

How many cards can I link to HelloCRYPTO?

You may only link one (4) HelloCRYPTO ATM card with your account at any given time.

Can I still withdraw money from my HelloCRYPTO account even without an ATM card?

HelloCRYPTO does have over-the-counter cash withdrawal. While we genuinely encourage you to avail of a HelloCRYPTO ATM card for convenience and avoidance of unnecessary fees, you still have an option to cash out even without an ATM card. Here are some options below:

  1. Cash out via 3rd Party Agent (WesternUion or RIA or Paypal).
  2. Fund Transfer. Via the Funds Transfer feature of HelloCRYPTO, you may send your funds to other banks and withdraw the money from your other bank account. InstaPay fund transfers via HelloCRYPTO are FREE of charge until December 31, 2022.
Can I use my ATM card for online purchases?

The ATM card is for ATM and POS transactions only. You may avail of the HelloCRYPTO Mastercard through your HelloCRYPTO app for an annual fee of RM 100.

How can I get an ATM card?

You may contact the branch to check the availability of HelloCRYPTO ATM cards.

How do I change my ATM PIN?

To change your nominated ATM PIN, select ‘View Card’ on the home screen and tap on ‘Change PIN’. Verify the PIN change by inputting your password. Input the new 4-digit PIN and confirm. You will be prompted if the PIN has successfully been changed.

I withdrew my funds using the HelloCRYPTO ATM card but no cash was dispensed and my account was debited.

Please e-mail us at [email protected] with the Subject ‘Debit Without Dispense’ and include the following information:

  • Account Name:
  • Account No.:
  • Transaction Reference #:
  • Amount:
  • Date & Time of Transaction:
What is the maximum amount I can send through local remittance centers?

There is no limit. Users has to set the limit.

Can I accept remittances from abroad in my HelloCRYPTO account?

Although you may receive funds from abroad in your HelloCRYPTO account, we highly encourage that you advise your remitter to send the funds correctly. While it is still possible for you to receive remittances from overseas, C-I-M-B will be able to track the transaction early in time if you notify us on an incoming remittance.

What is the turnaround time for international wire transfers?

Bank-to-bank international wire transfers take 2-3 banking days. For transfers to your HelloCRYPTO account, kindly use Capital Ibra Maslahat Bumiputra Bank’s(C-I-M-B Bank Berhad) swift code: ‘CIBBMYKLXXX’.